The human body is a truly remarkable machine. The very process of procreating and childbirth is enough to boggle the mind, but what really amazes me is its ability to go on in the face of stress and adversity.

You could be going through the most stressful season at work, dealing with a serious illness or death in the family, or some other incredibly trying experience, and your body will keep plugging away to get you through it, fighting off the bugs and viruses attempting to attack you at every turn.

It’s when you take a moment to reflect or relax that those insidious little germs will get you. You rest just for a minute and WHAM! you’ve been struck down with the worst cold/flu/bronchitis/gout/plague/etc ever.

My father in law (Opa Awesome) has worked in the music industry for 30+ years. Christmas is his busiest time of the year and every single year for the past 30 years he’s come down with a cold immediately after the last shipment has left the warehouse, right in time for Christmas vacation. He’s retiring this year and Oma Awesome recently exclaimed “No more Christmas colds!” She can already envision November 2011, completely devoid of stress and the first December in years completely free from colds. (We’d better make sure not to send our preschool petri dish kids for a visit or the stress and sickness might return.)

What is it that keeps us going through the stressful times? Sheer adrenaline? Something else? Can’t they bottle it and create a cure-all for whatever ails us?

Dear scientists: For the thousands of you that make my blog part of your regular reading routine, please take this suggestion under serious advisement.

There. That should do it. Stay tuned for a groundbreaking announcement from the world of science.