Lesson of the day-pinterestLast week I was required to be at a meeting at 7:30am. I am typically up well before that for my coaching and workout, but with everything we have going on in the mornings and the inevitable battles we have with the little man working from his own priorities and agenda, I typically get out the door by 9:00am and into the office for 9:30am. I work later as a result, but this is what works for our family.

This meeting completely messed with our morning routine. It complicated things for Mr Awesome, who had an early morning DJ gig to support a local elementary school. There was lots of yelling, a ton of frustration, I didn’t get my workout in…WAH WAH WAH.

Needless to say, on my way to work I was GRUMPY. I knew that wouldn’t go well for ANYONE, especially as it was a meeting with some of our executive team, so I needed to find a way to snap out of it.

I listen to podcasts during my commute, for personal and professional development. One of my favourites is Chalene Johnson, and a few weeks ago in one of her episodes she was talking about how to put a positive spin on a situation that might initially seem negative. When something bad happens, or something is challenging, say to yourself “This is good because…” and then list out the GOOD things that occurred or will occur as a result of the challenging thing.

So, I tried it. It felt weird and I was definitely a great test case for this trick because I was in a BAD mood. This is good because…there is less traffic on the roads at this hour. This is good because…I will find a parking spot closer to the building. This is good because…it demonstrates my commitment to the organization. This is good because…doing this exercise gives me an idea for a blog post. You get the idea. You say it all out loud to yourself, and you will probably feel silly at first – especially if you’re in the car in traffic like I was. But I did it anyway.

And you know what? IT HELPED. It definitely put me in a more positive frame of mind, whether I was laughing at the fact I was talking to myself and the silly reasons I was coming up with, or that I was actually convincing myself that the situation was indeed good. Bottom line, I was able to face the day in a better headspace.

If something goes off the rails or you’re having a bad day, I encourage you to try it. Because even though it’s hard at first and feels kind of weird, it’s worth it the end if you feel more positive and better equipped to handle the situation. Right?