The Wellness Show is coming! The Wellness Show is coming!

Pardon my excitement but this is one of my favourite expo-type of shows of the year. They have over 300 exhibitors and you CANNOT leave there hungry, there are just too many samples and amazing free items. And it’s ALL centred around health, wellness, fitness and good living. That’s my JAM, YO! (AM I cool enough to pull that expression off? Probably not.)

Here’s just a taste (pun intended) of the samples and treats available at this year’s show… In the Organic Market section, sponsored by Nesters Market, they have organic apples and salads, juices and energy bars, as well as organic yogurt, milk and cream. Nibble on natural and organic cereal and granola bars, and snack on gluten-free and whole grain breads. Thirsty? Sip some Alkaline Water, Aloe Gloe Aloe Water, Be Coconut Water, Seva Maple Water, Whistler Glacial Spring Water, RISE Kombucha, Bremner Juices, or try some organic and Fair Trade coffee and teas.

Like I said, you cannot leave there hungry.

WellnessShowThe 23rd Annual Wellness Show is the largest trade show in Western Canada dedicated to helping you live a more balanced and holistic lifestyle. This year’s Wellness Show takes place February 13 – 15 at Vancouver Convention Centre East at Canada Place.

The team at The Wellness Show have put together some of this year’s top trends in health and wellness and they’ve given them to me to share with YOU!


Here are the top trends we’re currently seeing in health and wellness:

Sprouting: Sprouting raw nuts, seeds, beans and grains is one of the quickest, easiest ways to pack a group of nutrients into your body in just one handful. Eating sprouted foods also aids in digestion and helps to make your body’s PH more alkaline. You can chat with the experts from Sprout Grower’s Dome at the show.

Non-GMOs: Not only are genetically modified foods unkind to the environment, but they can also be bad for our bodies. You’ll find non-GMO-verified exhibitors at this year’s Wellness Show. You’ll also find kinder, better tasting, and better-for-you meat options like local, grass-fed, free range beef and pork. Learn how to cook it, too, at one of the cooking demos!

Healthy snacking and smoothies/juices: Cold-pressed juices and smoothies are a great way to get a ton of vitamins and minerals in a very portable package. Vitamix will be one of the exhibitors at the show, and they’ll also have juices to sample from Bremner Juices, and supplements like vegan protein powders and Greens+ Superfood to ‘boost your juice.” Learn about healthy snacking on the run and discover the newest trend: Smoothie Bowls. They incorporate a smoothie, along with additional fresh fruit, and granola. (Sounds delicious! Can I make it with my Shakeology?)

Good for your gut: Fermented foods are great for us, because they contain helpful bacteria that help with immunity and digestion. While at the Wellness Show, sample some saurkraut, sip some kombucha, try some sourdough bread or yogurt from Liberte and Yoplait. You can also try the latest probiotics at Nature’s Fare and Pure Pharmacy.

Bone Broth: one of the newest and most popular health food trends right now, this nutrient-dense, inexpensive and easy to make consume is thought to be excellent for bones and teeth due to its high collagen content.

Cruciferous vegetables: Cauliflower is the current reigning king of cruciferous. You can make it into “rice,” you can mash it, and you can roast it whole. It takes on spices and flavouring incredibly well, and it’s low in carbs. Other cruciferous vegetables that the world is currently loving? Brussels sprouts and other cabbages, for their ability to fill you up and their high fiber and vitamin content.

Stealthy Healthy: A fantastic new trend in eating out is healthy upscale restaurants. You no longer have to resort to ordering a salad when eating out if you want to be healthy. Restaurants are now dedicated to creating healthy food that looks and tastes amazing. Attend cooking demos by the chefs from Graze, Calabash, Tojo’s, and Top Chefs to learn new, healthy recipes and techniques.

Wearable tech: One of the biggest fitness trends is wearable tech that monitors your daily steps, how much you sleep, how much you eat, and how many calories you burn on your workout. Your tech is linked to your home computer or your smartphone. Another trend is apps – your smartphone can now source your healthy lunch, prompt you to drink water, or help you to workout.

Connecting with your inner Zen: We need calm and peace more than ever in today’s busy world with never-ending emails and Facebook updates. Take a class on how to meditate, and learn how to better manage your stress. Learn about floating at Pure Float, and block out the world for a few moments to focus and centre.

ZumbaNew fun workouts:  Instead of hour-long workouts, the trend is to shorter, 20- or 30-minute, high-intensity workouts (like Insanity Max:30, 21 Day Fix, P90X3 and Focus T25!). Take a dance fit class at the show, or, learn how to set up your own home gym from Flaman Fitnness. Outdoor workouts are another great trend happening right now‹being outdoors has wonderful benefits to add to exercise. Connect with The Pole Lady to find out how you can take your daily walk to the next level!

Bonus! Valentine’s Day Chocolate: This year, The Wellness Show runs over Valentine’s Day! Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is so good for you – and it’s a natural mood-booster.

How many of these trends have you tried or adopted into your life?


The Wellness Show runs Friday, February 13 (noon to 7 pm), Saturday, February 14 (10 am to 7 pm) and Sunday, February 15 (10 am to 6 pm) at the Vancouver Convention Centre, East Building Exhibit Hall B & C, 999 Canada Place. Ticket prices are: $14.50 (General Admission), $12.50 (Seniors & Students), $6.00 (Children 6-15), and FREE (Children 5 & Under), 3 Day Passes are available for $30. Admission is available at the door, or may be purchased in advance online.



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