There is a trend on social media these days to post fitness transformation pictures on Tuesdays, using the hashtag #TransformationTuesday. I find them incredibly inspiring, seeing someone make such a significant change to their health and life. 
The transformation is never complete. Yes, I’ve been approximately the same weight since I reached my goal four years ago, but it is still a challenge. It is a conscious choice every day – actually, it is a hundred conscious choices every day. Do I have that incredible cranberry scone from the cafe at work? It’s soooo good… Do I have a Chai Latte, a Caramel Frappuccino Lite or a simple cup of tea? Do I get up and do my workout? 
You don’t have to be perfect every day, or make the “right” choice every single time. It is a balance and as long as you’re making the smarter choice more often than not, you’re doing great. It does get easier to make the choices, but still some days I desperately want to make the “other” decision. As some days I do it!
Here is my #TransformationTuesday picture: 

Pic 1 – 230lbs, 6 months before getting pregnant with our second
Pic 2 – 160lbs, the day I reached goal
Pic 3 – 160lbs, the day of my second half marathon
Pic 4 – Today. 160lbs and feeling better than ever!

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