My mornings are typically spent running around getting the kids’ breakfast, getting them dressed, getting myself ready and running around doing whatever last minute house clean up I can. Mr Awesome is equally busy, getting lunches ready, gathering school work, getting himself together…basically our home is chaos until we all head out the door.

One of the things I love most about Shakeology is its convenience. We both have it for breakfast every day, and it’s a huge help to be able to blend it up then grab it and go if necessary.

I travel a lot for work, and I take Shakeology with me wherever I go. We always have the single-serving packets on hand specifically for travel, so I count out the number of breakfasts I’ll need and pack them along with my shaker cup. How I mix them depends entirely on the length of trip and the luggage I’m taking. Here are my tried, tested and true methods, depending on my travel scenario:

Large checked bag, shorter trip

If I have room I will pack my Magic Bullet blender. It does take up quite a bit of space so if I need to pack suits or winter (bulkier) clothing it typically stays home. I will usually find a corner store and pick up bananas, and sometimes coconut water or orange juice if I have a fridge in my hotel room. I’ll grab some ice from the hotel ice machine and blend it up right in my room.

Carry-on luggage only

Obviously, the blender stays home when I am tight on space. I will still pack my shaker cup and packets, but then I have a couple of options for how to mix it.

  1. In the room – I will still pick up bananas and coconut water or OJ, but I will just shake a packet with one of these liquids and ice from the machine – the banana is just peeled and eaten.
  2. STARBUCKS – This is my go to option if I don’t have the blender and there is a Starbucks nearby. I take my shaker cup and packet, buy OJ and a banana (they usually have them at the till) at Starbucks and then ask them to blend the OJ and banana with some ice. I then take that magical concoction and pour it into my Shakeology shaker cup. DO NOT put the powder in first!! Pour some of the smoothie in, about halfway, add the powder, put the lid on and shake it up. Then add the rest of the smoothie and shake it again. Voila! (If you add the powder first it will become sludge in the bottom of the cup, and VERY difficult to mix effectively. Trust me.)

travelThese tips have made travelling less stressful as I have more time in the morning, not having to locate a fast, healthy breakfast in the area before my meetings start. Not to mention cheaper and healthier than eating a hotel breakfast!

We are taking a family vacation to Japan this summer and we’re already stockpiling our packets to make sure we both have enough for the two weeks. I panicked yesterday and checked with Mr Awesome that the blender would be okay voltage-wise over there and it sounds like we’re good to go.

It will be fun to see what creative drinks we can mix with Shakeology in Japan – I must remember that the Japanese drink Pocari Sweat ISN’T what it sounds like…