You have plans. You’ve arranged your day. You’ve set it all out to fit everything in, and you have expectations for how it will roll.

But you have children. And people in your life with other priorities and expectations. And sometimes, your day doesn’t go as planned.

I had to reorganize my morning the other day, because I needed to go for a blood test and the lab opened up at 6:30am. That meant I would have to do my workout later, when I got home from work. Then Mr Awesome asked if I could pick our daughter up from Brownies (and attend a parent meeting), because he had to leave for a meeting I didn’t know about. So I did. Then as we’re arriving back home, she realized she forgot her Brownie bag. So back we go – luckily we live pretty close. So then back home, I ask the kids to start getting ready for bed.

And that’s where it all went south. Being almost 10 and almost 8 years old, they did not share my priorities for mummy getting in a workout. Weird, I know. And they did NOT want to go to bed, or even think about jammies. Awesome.

By the time we got everything sorted, I did not have it in me – mentally, physically, emotionally – to do the 47 minute workout on my calendar. So I improvised and chose a 27 minute routine from the same program.

And it’s okay. Sometimes, you need to improvise. Sometimes, you won’t be able to proceed as planned. If you’re LUCKY, you can still get a workout in, even if it’s shorter than intended.

It’s the theory of what you can, when you can. Do the best you can in the moment. Do a shorter workout. Pick up a veggie instead of a cupcake. Take the stairs. Do SOMETHING. Make a good choice instead of an unhealthy one. Even one good choice winning out over a bad one is still moving you one small step closer to your goal, and better yet, it’s not setting you back.

Sometimes, your plans get derailed. No matter how Alpha you are, how much of a control freak you might be (I speak from experience), sometimes your master plan doesn’t align with someone else’s master plan. So you modify. And you do your best.

You do what you can, when you can do it.


Here’s a video I posted on my Facebook page right after the workout I finally got done.