Last year was a roller coaster. Stuff with our little man and our continuing efforts to figure out the best resources for him. Stuff with my coaching business, and figuring out how to make it work in our busy life. And the biggest work project of my entire working life, to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Work was the biggest roller coaster of all, with moving guideposts, changing priorities and new information or requests coming at me every day. That was an exhausting year, always wondering WHAT was going to change next. I was in a constant state of readiness, and always worried something would change and I would miss it. Being a people pleaser with constantly changing requirements is a challenging thing, practically and emotionally.

I started using the hashtag #expectittochange both as a descriptor for the year and as a way to bring a bit of humor to my team. We used it multiple times a day and it reminded us to stay nimble, responsive and solution-oriented. This hashtag became the theme for the year, a way to encapsulate everything we were experiencing. It got us through the chaos.

As we neared the end of 2017, I began to encourage my team to explore ways to SIMPLIFY. I announced it would be our new hashtag as we head into 2018. #Simplify is our guiding light for everything we do, how we make decisions, how we take care of our team to ensure we have balance and no one burns out. To choose the RIGHT projects, for the right reasons, that will have the most impact.

Mr Awesome and I were talking about what we wanted for the coming year and I told him about my work hashtag. We agreed that #SIMPLIFY is what we need at home too. We need to de-clutter, first and foremost, and we need to introduce some processes and systems that will make things easier. As a confessed recovering shopaholic who at various times in her life has used new possessions to mask anxiety, depression, avoidance…de-cluttering is coming first. I will be writing more about each step we take along the way, sharing what’s worked and what’s proving challenging.

I’m a marketer by trade, so any good branding or tag line will always motivate me to start and stick with a project. Having this hashtag gives me that “brand,” that theme for the year to embrace and keep me focused on the goal.

So what’s your hashtag for 2018? Your hashtag might be #metime, or #fitness, or #family…anything that speaks to you and what you want for this year. What you want for you, for your family, for your career. A central theme for how you want to LIVE. Something that excites you, that motivates you, and clarifies your goals.

I choose #simplify. In life, at work, in my coaching business, with our kids. I want things to be cleaner, easier, simpler. I may not achieve the ultimate SIMPLICITY, but the pure act of simpliFYING is what we need now.