I was listening to a podcast by Chalene Johnson on my way to work the other day and it was all about developing a “power phrase.” Something that you say to yourself to calm you down, or lift you up, to focus you, to give you strength…to give you the POWER you need to keep moving forward.

As I was driving I started to play with a few phrases that she was suggesting – “this is awesome,” “it will be amazing,” “I am amazing,” “I’ve got this,” and so on.

word-changesThen one came out that I realized I say or type ALL THE TIME. When I’m posting about an upcoming challenge group, when I’m in a tough workout, when I’m encouraging people in their fitness, I almost always go back to the phrase “LET’S DO THIS.” For me, there is something incredibly empowering about this phrase. It is about ACTION, moving forward. But more than that is the “Let’s” part of it. Even if I’m alone in our studio working out, usually during pushups, I will say this phrase. It’s like I’m no longer alone. I’ve got the trainer on my screen, I’ve got the people in my accountability group, and I’ve got BOTH my brain and body coming together to keep me going. The “let’s” is the KEY for me. If I’m having a stressful day at work because a big project has just landed on our plates, saying this not only focuses and energizes ME, it helps my team feel that we can handle it and that their manager (me) feels confident that we’ll get it done.

On a side note, I just realized that my secondary power phrase is “GET ‘ER DONE,” but it has to be said in a surly, Southern drawl and at just the right moment to have the right impact. You REALLY have to know me in person to understand how this might be effective, but I swear it is. 😉

What is your power phrase? What energizes you, powers you up, or brings you to a peaceful place if you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed? Don’t have one? I bet you do. Say a few to yourself, see how they make you feel, and I bet that one will stick out that feels comfortable, like a warm blanket that makes you feel safe or a breath of fresh air that makes you feel alive and completely energized. Find it, use it, OWN IT.

And with that, I say goodbye for now as I have to start my workout. LET’S DO THIS!!