Questionable cowboy grammar aside, these lyrics struck me as I was out for a run the other day. They are from the song “When You Get to Be You” by Canadian country artist Lisa Brokop. It’s part of my running mix and I’m usually completely oblivious to anything but the beat of a song when I’m running, but these words broke through my haze and started me thinking.

Where you gonna go when you go where you wanna go,
Who you gonna be when you get to be you?

People are often dissatisfied with their current reality, and take steps to better their lives, their bodies, etc. I did, and almost every page I follow on Facebook represents someone that has done, or is doing, the same thing.

So much of a quest to lose weight, maintain weight loss, get healthy, train for a half marathon, etc, is the journey towards being the best version of yourself. These lyrics make me think about who that “best version” actually is…or eventually will be. What does that person do, think, wear, say? But then I also get frustrated with these words because I AM me. I’m me in whatever form exists today, this minute.

Oscar Wilde is quoted with saying “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” I love this quote. I spent a good part of my school years trying to be like someone else or dress like someone else. Such a waste of time. Here’s anther great quote:

You are always yourself, there is no escaping it. You can’t be anyone else, so just be the best you possible. And I don’t mean you have to be perfect every day. Trust me, there are days when I am a terrible version of myself, but it’s the best me possible in that moment, facing the situation in front of me.

Get to know yourself and enjoy being you, whoever you are.